The Globe Finds a Racial Disparity

Of 100 new federally appointed judges 98 are white, Globe finds.” The first thing the reasonable reader thinks is, of course, “I wonder what the composition of the candidate pool is like.” The Globe does address this, at the very end of the article.

In some locations, the pool of minority lawyers is modest. For example, just five per cent of Nova Scotia’s 2,000 lawyers belong to a visible minority; while a 2006 B.C. survey found that just 18 per cent of Vancouver’s lawyers were from a visible minority, compared to 42 per cent of the city’s population.

In Ontario, a similar survey conducted by the Law Society of Upper Canada in 2009 found that 693 of the province’s 20,000 lawyers were black. It found that 979 were Chinese, Japanese or Korean; 101 were Hispanic; 1,312 were South Asian; and 290 were of Arab or West Asian descent. The province had 281 aboriginal and 96 Métis lawyers.

 It’s surprising to me how few Asian lawyers there are, but anyway that pretty much explains the situation. And yet the Globe thinks this needs to be fixed for some reason. Why? Obviously Asians especially are over-represented in other areas, so try to get proportional representation in the places where they aren’t just amounts to an effort to prevent whites from getting jobs.

Blacks Have Contributed Lots to Civilization

Once aware of certain racial realities, a person (especially a Christian) must try to avoid sliding into contempt.

Lawrence Auster goes much too far in his response to learning that black leaders wanted money for the moon missions redirected to social programs:

And that is all that blacks as an organized community have to contribute to our civilization: endless complaints about white injustice to blacks, and endless demands for the wealth and goods that white people have produced, and that blacks are incapable of producing.

This is absurd. In music alone (no small thing) blacks have made many enduring contributions to civilization.

(Maybe Auster intends some distinction between individual blacks and ‘blacks as an organized community,’ but lots of music will qualify anyway—think of gospel for example).

Update for readers coming from Auster’s blog: I anticipated the distinction between culture and civilization, and I accept it. If blacks have made no contributions to civilization, then let’s remember that civilization isn’t all there is.

Further update: Auster wrote “the black blackmail and dragging down of our civilization will continue and intensify, until the civilization is ruined.” This suggested to me that blacks ruin while provide little or nothing in return. It still reads that way to me, and that’s what I was taking issue with.

Asians Increasingly Marrying Other Asians

Having read Skarphedin’s post on inter-racial dating and marriage, this is no surprise:

Asian-Americans still have one of the highest interracial marriage rates in the country, with 28 percent of newlyweds choosing a non-Asian spouse in 2010, according to census data. But a surge in immigration from Asia over the last three decades has greatly increased the number of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, giving young people many more options among Asian-Americans. It has also inspired a resurgence of interest in language and ancestral traditions among some newlyweds.

 More diversity often means more segregation.

Below 30°N, Everything Disappears

Gregory Cochran explores the geography of scientific productivity:

You might suspect that the pattern would change if we raised the bar, looked at more extreme and important examples of scientific creativity, rather than counting every paper. It does. If you look at Nobel prizes in the sciences, or Fields medals, the differences become starker. Whole nations disappear. Single individuals outdo whole civilizations.

Black Corruption Corroding Washington Transit

The Washington Times:

Ninety-seven percent of the bus and train operators at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority are black, with only six white women out of more than 3,000 drivers, according to Metro documents…

The homogeneity … is a proxy to a clubby culture of favoritism in which merit has little to do with promotions, and accountability, such as noting safety violations, is a career death knell. In typical examples, court and Metro records show, a black man who spent eight years in prison for dealing PCP was promoted to a high-level management position soon after his release, and whites in the same positions as blacks with far less seniority are inexplicably paid less.

(HT: Heartiste.)