The Ethics of Roosh

Modern-day Casanova Roosh Vorek is doing an AMA on Reddit. I asked him: “Do you consider yourself to be a bad person?” His answer:

I don’t think I’m a bad person.

As a man who wants sex, I will act in a way that gets me to my goal. In America, the more poor you treat a woman, the more likely you will have sex with them. I will do this even though my instinct is to treat a woman well, believe it or not.

Denmark is a weird place. Girls don’t want to be treated bad, they want to treat YOU bad by forcing you to listen to their inane opinions and put up with their masculine attitude. I did this in order to get laid.

In Poland, treating women like women, taking them out, having sweet conversation, and so on led to intimacy. This is why I prefer Eastern European women.