Jenna Talackova and Gender

Unsurprisingly, there is a petition circulating to have Jenna Talackova reinstated as a contestant for the Miss Universe Canada pageant.

“She is a woman who deserves to be treated like other women would be,” says the petition. “What kind of genitals she was born with (and even what kind she has today) is completely irrelevant.”

This is the typical feel-good PC logic of gender: you are what you say you are. Unsurprisingly, this logic often gets challenged in competitive situations—i.e. when it actually matters. Though in this case, unlike with athletics, you’d think being a man would be a pretty big disadvantage.

*     *     *

Also, I take back what I said about Talackova being a convincing woman. It was an unusually flattering picture. In actuality she looks like a (heavily made-up) plastic doll.

Jenna Talackova