I Want to Be a Christian


One thought on “I Want to Be a Christian

  1. They’re an interesting duo; they are believers, but they are honest and open about their struggles with the faith:

    I’ve only heard their song “Beautiful Truth” once, but it struck me, and has haunted me ever since.

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful truth
    Don’t leave because I can’t see you

    You know the hours that I passed without you
    Every heartbeat that I chose to flout you
    And how I felt no shame

    I know this problem is of my own making
    I know you’re giving here and I’m not taking
    But please don’t leave this place

    Don’t let me complicate what you made simple
    By looking fancy or sounding boastful
    Please bring me down

    And now that I have said what’s on my mind
    And it is obvious that I am blind
    Please, say you’ll stay

    Spin me round
    Bring me down
    Be my sound
    Don’t you leave

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