Stroke Turns Man Gay

This article about a beer-swilling rugby player turned hairdresser is a nice illustration of the fact that people don’t just ‘happen to be’ much of anything. Gender, race, and sexual orientation are non-accidentally associated with whole suites of character traits.

Update: there’s an interesting documentary about him on YouTube.


One thought on “Stroke Turns Man Gay

  1. I honestly don’t know what to think of this, though I incline towards skepticism. Stroke victims I’ve known, have either lost abilities temporarily or permanently; in one case, a woman I know became much, much more emotional, up and down, angry and sad, not quite like a manic depressive or anything, but still, more than before. But entire personality changes, to that degree? Strange.

    Of course, gay people always want to invoke determinism, that sexuality is fixed, at least when it suits them; they’re enraged when lesbian Hollywood types like Anne Heche claimed to be, go straight… Then again, they were upset when Cynthia Nixon decided she was gay…

    Prisoners and some navy types who exhibit homosexual tendencies while in such situations, but who return to being straight when out of prison / the navy, make me suspicious that they were really gay, while cut off from women…

    In any case, as Christians, we have God’s commands, to, regardless of orientation, not engage in such acts…

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