Forty Years in Solitary


I’ve never believed that incarceration is more humane that corporal (or even capital) punishment. The only reason anyone does believe it is that locking someone away is less personal. We feel like our hands are cleaner, even if prisoners go mad or are turned into sex slaves once we’ve shut them away.

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Here’s The Neville Brothers’ “Sons and Daughters,” which features Angola prison.


3 thoughts on “Forty Years in Solitary

  1. Prisons are massively dysfunctional, esp. with prison rape / ‘bitches’, etc., being commonplace, and people outside, including politicians, just joke about it. It’s not funny; and I’m sure it wasn’t always that way.

    • Seriously, how is that better than death?

      I heat it when wardens describe prisoners as less than human. I guess it’s easier than saying “we treat them like they’re less than human.”

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