“The Subversive Charm of Day Drinking”

The Times praises day-time drinking, but lays down some rules:

Drinking in the day is an occasion unto itself, to be enjoyed on its own congenial terms. And there are terms. It shouldn’t lead to drinking all night. It can’t happen all the time. There is such a thing as starting too early.

I’ll add another rule: don’t take the first rule too seriously. Some of my best days have revolved around a ‘quick’ lunch-time beer that turned into an all-day session. There is absolutely nothing like whiling away an entire day with a good buddy, two or three pubs, and eight or nine pints.

One of the worst failings of Americans is that they can’t do long, slow, open-ended drinking sessions. They’re always either hurrying off somewhere else, or hurrying to get drunk.


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