14 thoughts on “Ethiopian Women are Beautiful

  1. The original Ethiopians (Habashat) are a tribe related to the Sabeans of Yemen. They migrated to Ethiopia and mixed with black peoples there. They are Caucasians.

    The Somalis, Afars, Oromos and Bejas speak languages related to Semitic, Berber and Coptic languages. They also are a mixture of Caucasians and Blacks.

    • Minor correction: the Sabeans are Semites, not Caucasians. (Whoops: Columnist has corrected me. So in the linguistic sense they’re semitic.)

      Culturally as well Ethiopians have a mix of Semitic and African influences.

      • Caucasian can mean two things: In the Blumenbach classification, everything that isn’t mongoloid or negroid, in linguistics and in Russia; Chechens, Daghestani and Circassians.

    • There is no such thing as “the Semites”, regardless whether there is a group of languages that can be called “Semitic languages”. Sem, Chem and Japheth are mythical persons, and we don’t need to follow old Israelite and modern Protestant fiction.

      The Sabaeans are Caucasians by the definition of ‘Caucasian’ as Columnist said.

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