This is Why We Need an Alt-Right

Even right-of-right-wing Alberta politician Danielle Smith supports abortion and gay marriage.


5 thoughts on “This is Why We Need an Alt-Right

  1. That’s dismaying. So, now, even in supposedly-conservative Alberta, which I moved to and lived in from 2002-2005 because I thought it was more so, a right-wing party leader feels she must genuflect before the idols of political correctness.

    Another good reason to not support women leading rightist parties.

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    • Exactly, Samson. I suppose it’s her populist, free-market-loving stance that earns her that label, but she clearly isn’t as right-wing, say, as someone who is equally populist and free-market-loving but also decidedly socially conservative, too.

    • One good, and genuinely right-wing thing about Danielle Smith was her being in favour of ‘conscience rights’, which Redford opposes, alas…

      A Wildrose victory, and a smashing of the P.C.s, would have been preferable. But there wasn’t a clear enough antithesis between the two parties, IMO. The left still smeared Wildrose as worse on social issues; meanwhile, Wildrose’s leader’s personal commitment to leftist stances on social issues, wouldn’t win her any points from socially-conservative folks.

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