Apparently Misery Doesn’t Make You Happy

According to the UN Happiness Index, northern Europe is a good place to live, sub-saharan Africa, not so much. The actual report is here (pdf).

Although wealthy nations like Denmark, Norway, Finland and the Netherlands lead the rankings of happiest countries while poor nations like Togo, Benin, Central African Republic and Sierra Leone ranked among the least happy, the report noted that social factors such as the strength of social support, the absence of corruption and the degree of personal freedom were more important than wealth.


5 thoughts on “Apparently Misery Doesn’t Make You Happy

  1. However, in my visits to poor countries, I remember being surprised at how a lot of people seemed happier than in the West. Because people need each other more, there’s a lot more community.

    • Yes, that is often true; even in Newfoundland, I have perceived that some poor places have richer family and community lives, and seem the happier for it, despite poverty. I guess it all depends, just how poor they are, and how jealous they are or are not, of others.

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