The Misandry of the Evangelical Church is Driving Men Away

Bwana Simba is an example (HT: Will S.):

It has gotten to the point where I no longer go to church, as I have yet to see one that draws in strong men.  I even hate going to my college Christian groups and typically skip the message and singing simply to get right to the social atmosphere as I believe nothing said is healthy.  I have seen strong and wild men filled with spirit go into churches and church groups and come out docile, nice, spiritually lifeless and filled with self-hatred.  Simply put, I do not believe God is in the church anymore.

I’m highly sympathetic. When I go to church (and I usually have to be dragged there) I often sit out the worship or sermon or both. My own take at more length is up now at my main blog.

One thought on “The Misandry of the Evangelical Church is Driving Men Away

  1. I do remember, I stopped listening to the sermons, eventually, when I was still attending evangelical churches, and only started again once I started attending a Reformed church…

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