The Church is Failing (and Losing) Young Men

I’m very sympathetic towards this commenter at Alpha Game:

As a 28 year old Christian man who just now stumbled across the concept of “game,” I feel like I’ve been lead astray. I now look at those that surround me in my local church and see them as the Gamma/Delta men that they are. It’s a disappointing thing to see. Since it dawned on me that I wouldn’t follow any of them.

This is a very important issue for Christian men and women alike. The evangelical church is very effeminate and barely tolerable for red-blooded men. Young women can easily be made to agree that something needs to done. They know better than anyone that those young men still in the church are often of questionable appeal. At some point I’ll be returning to this topic on my main blog.


7 thoughts on “The Church is Failing (and Losing) Young Men

  1. Yep, it is spot-on.

    BTW, I’ve just added this blog to our blogroll, which of course links to your and Skarpedin’s other blog.


  2. For years I have been lamenting the lack of Christian Alpha Men, just because you care doesn’t make you weak, nor does believing make you gullible … Jesus was an Alpha man through and through …

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