The Ascent of Dominant Personality

A very nice analysis of female hypergamy in the modern world.


One thought on “The Ascent of Dominant Personality

  1. The pill may be changing women’s behaviour (well, this is only kind of related to the posting)

    “Similarly, women’s preferences subconsciously change over time so that during non-fertile stages of the menstrual cycle they are more attracted to men who appear more caring and reliable – good dads,” Dr Roberts said.

    The hormonal levels of women using the pill don’t alter much across a month and most closely reflect those typical of the non-fertile phases of the menstrual cycle.

    It seems that our preferences are shaped by these hormonal levels, so preferences of women on the pill don’t change around ovulation in the way seen in normally-cycling women.”

    They found these women were less sexually satisfied or attracted to their partners.

    However, the women were more satisfied with other aspects of the relationship and so less likely to separate, according to the research.”

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